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Carpet Damage?

Carpet damage due to water overflow, flooding or any other reasons causes the most damage to your homes beauty. Excess of water over running your carpet in your house or office needs to be met with serious concern by professionals. At Lindenhurst, we adopt a three-step approach to getting the mess sorted out created by the unwanted and uncontrolled flow of water over your rugs and carpets.

The first steps involve spotting the source of water overflow and cutting it off. This will make the excessive incoming water stop and from here you can further the process of cleaning up. The second step involves draining off all the standing water. After the removal of water, the sanitizing process starts to avoid your family members catching bacteria or any other microorganism which could result in sickness. The third and the final step involves using advanced techniques to restore the original shape of your place.


Recover Your Damage Quickly

There are multiple reasons which could lead to water spillage. It could be due to floods, cracks in the foundation, sewer leakage, toilet overflow, or any other. The approach to remove the water in all these scenarios varies. The first steps, however, is always to cut the source of this water. Our teams are quick to devise plans and strategies to tackle such a scenario. We know the value of your home and the money you put in to look it more beautiful.

The damages caused by water could vary depending upon the intensity and amount of water being spilled all over the place. The cost estimated with these restoration processes also vary depending upon the techniques and time adopted by our team. However, we make sure to facilitate to maximum possible limits.

Proper Cleaning Treatment

The final steps in the water overrun carpet treatments include the extraction of soaked water. Hot air is pumped on the carpet which makes the water content evaporate. All the bacteria and mold also die during the process due to heating effect. It is important to capture all the water present in the atmosphere otherwise, it could pose potential harm to the carpet, furniture and to your health as well. Our team uses dehumidifiers to dry out the room.

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