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when it comes to Cleaning your Rugs

Rugs are the beauty highlighters of carpet range at your home or office. Never compromise their beauty and charm. Rugs are more delicate than carpets. Their design, colors, and fabric make them be handled with extra care otherwise, it would result in loss of brightness and aesthetics. Opting for an inexperienced rug cleaner could backfire. Always seek the services of highly experienced professionals to make sure your rug is handled with care and technique.

All the dust and stains out of your rugs

You can rely on Lindenhurst Cleaners to bring all the dust and stains out of your rugs and restore them to their original beauty. Our team of professionals has decades of experience when it comes to rug maintenance. Either it is silk, wool, synthetic, or natural fiber rugs, our non-toxic washing agents result in restoration of colors, removal of stains and odor. Scents are used to give them a pleasant smell.


Professionally Clean

Our team decides which washing agents would be most suitable for rug depending upon its fiber, color, and the conditions under which it is used. If it at a place where dust and stains are frequently damaging your carpet then steam washing technique would be useful. However, if it is in a place where it comes in contact with food items, oil stains, beverages and organic materials then washing it with water and a cleaning detergent is the best possible solution to cast the smoothness and a brighter look out of your rug. Apart from cleaning, we used different protectants to help your rug live a longer life. Placed in the sitting area or in your study, you rug would always be catching eyes of your friends and family if you get them regularly cleaned and Lindenhurst is the best in business. We offer services at your home, office or we could bring them to our washing stores, depending upon your convenience.

100% Satisfaction

Since rugs are light, fancy and delicate, they easily undergo wear and tear. Constant traffic on them would end up the loss of strength and untangling of fiber. Here at Lindenhurst, our team provide rug repair services as well. Open threads can be re-weaved and torn parts can be stitched both with hands and machines. The non-slip pads placed under the rugs also go under a change because of pressure. These gripping can be replaced with the new ones to bring the originality and lost newness back your rugs. With our services at your disposal, we recommend you to just sit back, relax and let our team do the rest. We will impart a new life into your rugs making them look like one which is just bought from the store.

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