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Your mattress demands special attention

Your mattress demands special attention when it comes to home cleaning. Your body is in contact with it for a span of 7 hours approx. on a daily basis. Your body releases sweat, dust, and hair which make their way through your sheets into the mattress. With the passage of time, your mattress starts losing it original color, strength and gives out smell which is a mixture of your sweat and dirt, making it difficult for you to sleep on it. Mattress is one of those commodities which cost you a good sum of money. You cannot afford to buy a new one after few months every time. Well, you don’t need to either.

Allow us to deal with your mattress

Lindenhurst Carpet Cleaning is providing its services with the cleaning of the mattress in the area nearby. We understand your relation with your bed. Let nothing change it. Allow us to deal with the smell and dust soaked inside your mattress. We use advanced and efficient cleaning technique to get all the smell and dust out it, making sure that you get a good night sleep on your mattress every time.


Professionally Clean your mattress

Apart from sleeping mattress, we offer our services with the cleaning of yoga and exercise mattresses as well. They undergo a lot of pressure and sweat handling. So they deserve special treatment also. The first step to cleaning a mattress is getting a good look at it. Our experts will look out for the presence of bed bugs, mites or any other thing present in it. They’ll also evaluate the damage done to your mattress prior to starting the process of bringing it back to its original shape.

Talking of the sleeping mattresses, your children or your pet could end up urinating on your mattress resulting in the striking smell which doesn’t go away with ordinary washers. We offer enzyme injections for urine treatments. These special agents attack the urine at molecular level resulting in the elimination of any bacteria in your mattress. All the smell will also go away.

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Our team of competent cleaners makes sure that all the moisture is removed from your mattress. The treatment with the perfumes gives it a special aroma which is destined to last longer. The fabric of the mattresses is always soft and porous. So it is normal for them to soak sweat, water, and other debris in the environment. You can, however, avoid it by using waterproof protectors over your mattress. Call us to talk to our team of professionals for more tips you can adopt to save your mattress from getting dirty after you get it washed from us. Our contact number is (631) 270-5388.

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