Boat Cleaning A Range of Methods
Available at Lindenhurst Cleaners

Have a boat of your own?

Your personal yacht has made you famous among all your friends because you are the one who throws yacht parties every now and then. But this intense gathering and partying at your boat leads to accumulation of dust and debris into the carpet, seat and other fabric you have on it. A boat is an expensive commodity. Anything associated with it is also expensive. This includes the fabric used on the seats and on the ground of your boat as well. Apart from frequent visits of people, dust from sports equipment, fishing gear etc. also damages the aesthetics of your boat.


Just like your home, you should pay some focus on cleaning the carpets, rugs and seat covers of your boat as well. Lindenhurst Carpet Cleaning is one of the leading enterprises which has specialized personnel and equipment to make sure the cleanliness of your boat. We are fully committed to providing you boat carpet cleaning services across all of New York. We are providing services on site and off site, depending on the decision. We have equipment which uses a burst of air and steam to take off the dust from the upholstery on your boat. In the case otherwise, we can take all the fabric from your boat to our washing stores where we ensure a thorough cleaning is undertaken by our people.


We have people who are best in the business

Our technicians have decades of experience in bringing out boat cleaning. The non-toxic, environment-friendly washing material we use for cleaning purposes is organic in nature. It doesn’t pose any health deteriorating risks to your health. These cleaners not only take the dust out of the holster on your boat but kill the fungus and bacteria germinating in them as well. So it is important to get your boat cleaned from professionals, to ensure the beauty of your rugs, furniture and carpets and health of your friends and family members.

For onsite cleaning, we have steam cleaning methods.

A burst of steam is made thrust on the rugs, carpets, and furniture. Due to swift air, dust is removed from these accessories while the heat produced by steam kills all the bacteria and other microorganisms. This method is fast, result-oriented and doesn’t include any water content thus efficient as well. Make visible changes in the interior of your boat with our carpet cleaning services. Give it a new look, one which is brighter and fresher than ever before. We provide services for all kind of boats and all sort of material used on it.

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